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It is the goal of an artist to hold a mirror up to society, and to distort the image to give their own perspective and view on the world. Their role is not just to present pictures or information, but to relay a point of view.

As I began developing as an artist, I used to be satisfied in simply painting and drawing images I liked, my only goal being to make it look pretty. As my basic skillset and creative aspirations grew, I was no longer satisfied simply observing. Now with each new painting, I challenge myself to implement my own visions and ideas, pushing the boundaries of my creativity. Instead of mindlessly creating an image, I strive to tell a story and exchange worldviews. The exchanging of art should not be a competition of superiority, but rather like a conversation, exchanging ideas and views.

Art and Design are extremely prevalent in modern society. From advertisements, to product design, to the architecture that surrounds us, it is impossible to turn anywhere without being influenced by creatives, whether or not you realize that it’s art. My goal moving forward as an artist is to continue to express my creativity and share my ideas with the public. I plan to utilize my voice in all of my art, whether it be for a job or for my own need to create. I want to make art that satisfies my visions and creative urges, and have it still make an impact and have use in society. I, as all creatives do, will continue to prop up the mirror in front of society.

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